A system to model, create and manage the knowledge base of chatbots baseds on AIML technology.

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Brain is a system to model, create and manage the knowledge base of chatbots based on AIML technology.

It was designed to be an extreme productive tool, hence it is simple and gathers in a smart and harmonious way all the necessary tools for modeling and creating the knowledge base on a single screen. It encourages the creation of as much content as possible, either to contemplate the maximum sentences of chat's users and to increase the robot's ability to give different answers to the same sentence of users.

It was also designed to be an extreme effective tool, hence there is no direct manipulation of AIML's sources. Instead, it was created an interface to a metamodel that is more intuitive and extends some original elements of AIML, which gives the user greater productivity without losing the power of pure AIML.

This metamodel is a generic abstraction of what we call "atomic knowledge" and, in the future, may be converted into other structures of computational cognition besides the worldwide used AIML.

"Atomic knowledge" is the result of the maximum implementation of the "divide and conquer" strategy in the practice modeling knowledge base. It is not the farthest leaf on the knowledge's tree, but that knowledge which has been divided in a way that the subject that remains to be addressed is already very specific. It is the knowledge that addresses one and only one aspect of a greater knowledge.

The modeling is part of the process of creating the knowledge base itself, and is synchronized with the real robot base.

The knowledge is represented graphically through a mental map which allows the knowledge to be modeled with fine granularity. It can be divided into several smaller knowledge, where each one is very specific in its focus on only one aspect of a greater knowledge.


  • Does not require knowledge of AIML;
  • Allows the modeling of the knowledge base;
  • Allows you to have an overview of the knowledge base;
  • Allows you to work with a very large base;
  • It's simpler, more intuitive and more productive than any other AIML content generator;
  • Encourages the creation of as much content as possible.


Brain's demo version is available here: Demo Page.


  • Download the brain.war file
  • Deploy it to the java web server


The Brain is currently in a very early version, now it has only a tiny portion of its functionality implemented, but it will evolve as my availability for the project and as I'm getting feedbacks from its users.

Thanks to use Brain.

For researchers and developers in the field

My goals with this project are:

  • Contribute to strengthening this area of the computer science
  • Popularize the technology
  • Suggest a new way to think about generating knowledge base of chatbots (currently only AIML).

I am available to assist in any way possible. Please, feel free to get in contact.